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April 5, 2020, 03:00 PM • ☕️ 2 min read

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Who are we?

We are graduates with honor of bachelor and master programs in economics, finance, mathematics and information technology of the best universities in Russia.

Currently, we work in the largest public companies in Russia in Senior positions with experience in team management.

We have experience in practical investment in foreign and Russian stock exchanges in stocks, bonds, metals, options, futures and ETFs, we have the status of the qualified investor.

What do we offer?

Our main difference to other companies and channels: the opportunity to quickly make a decision and understand the direction and significance of the news background (in 15 seconds): we publish only relevant information and ideas, present news and ideas based on color and a brief recommendation: positive (color), neutral (color), and negative (color).

• The most important and significant news from global financial markets and countries for both a novice investor and a professional.

• Obtaining up-to-date recommendations and ideas that will allow you to receive income in the future.

• Competent and professional valuation of investment risks in the current and long-term period.

• Calendar of expected events and dividends days: allows you to receive alerts in the alarm mode about selected upcoming events, dividend cut-offs, and the release of financial reports of large public companies.

• Professional analytics and research on companies at the level of the best IB analysts.

What is it for us?

We have gained sufficient experience in the field of market investments in stocks and bonds in order to warn beginners and professionals from possible mistakes.

We analyzed the market, and we are not satisfied with the format and quality of the provided analytics in the market, except for paid subscriptions to Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg, for which the average investor cannot afford to subscribe.

We do not want that beginners lose money in the markets due to fraud. Our project will allow us not to follow the recommendations of companies and telegram channels, the main purpose of which is to earn at the expense of followers on low-liquid shares.

Can I contact us?

Yes, It is possible, and even necessary. For all questions of interest in the field of hosted content and recommendations for improving the site and sections, please contact

If you are interested in posting advertising on the site or related content / sections, please contact by mail.